ID : Identität

Making interaction design comprehensible

  • Type UX, Campaign, Website
  • Tasks Research, Concept, Copy, Prototyp
  • Year 2014

For years the number of applicants for the interaction design program at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, Germany, has been decreasing. Apart from the declining interest, the study program suffers especially from a lack of female applicants.

Therefore, we were asking: what makes high-school graduates apply at our university? How do they perceive our program and how could we attract more female high-school graduates to our curriculum?

Several interviews with prospective students revealed: people have no idea what studying interaction design would be like. Apparently, the current media presence of our study program doesn’t really convey what interaction design is and which tasks are involved.

The campaign “ID : Identität” tries to unfold the breadth of interaction design by portraying students during their work and by pointing to probably useful personal traits for future UX designers.